Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Blogging Break

Photo courtesy of Jean Greenhowe Designs

Taking a bit of a blogging break as we leave for Washington tomorrow for Sophia's graduation.  I'm praying that the Four'easter doesn't cause any delays for us as we jet through Philadelphia tomorrow.

My Mum made this little guy for my college graduation in 1999, Sophia carried him at her high school graduation in 2013, and he'll be photobombing her college graduation this coming weekend.  She's also going to be opening some Letters to the Future that were written when she was a baby - Kleenex at the ready.

Wow, when I get back on here, I'll be the mother of a college graduate!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Blogging from A to Z April (2018) Challenge Theme Reveal

Drum we go, April 1st is coming and that means it's time for the Blogging from A to Z April (2018) Challenge Theme Reveal.  As it's our third time to be stationed in Virginia, I've have decided that my theme will be
The Beauty of Virginia!
(I hope that worked and you had to scroll down a little to see the big announcement!)

There's a little of everything to share with you,  I hope you'll enjoy the journey and perhaps find something to check out for yourself.

Here's a reminder of the schedule:

1 - A
2 - B
3 - C
4 - D
5 - E
6 - F
7 - G

9 - H
10 - I
11 - J
12 - K
13 - L
14 - M

16 - N
17 - O
18 - P
19 - Q
20 - R
21 - S

23 - T
24 - U
25 - V
26 - W
27 - X
28 - Y

30 - Z
(April 1st falls on a Sunday so we will start that day)

Life Last Week 2018-10

Last week for the snow - yeah right, my New England friends are saying and speaking of the white stuff, read on.

The weather:::
 High 40s and low 50s and SNOW for Wednesday?  No, no, no...I can't handle snow when I have to fly through airports in the Northeast.  There is no room for any delays in our schedule.  Think warm thoughts, everyone, please. 

On my reading pile:::
Still working my way through this pile and realized that my carry-on bag really doesn't have any room for a library book.  I need to explore the library's online lending - that's on my to-do list for today.

On my TV:::
Still in Midsomer (Murders) and watching old episodes of the Great British Baking Show.  I wish Netflix would add some more seasons.

Checked off the list:::
  • Spouses' group board meeting.
  • St. Patrick's Day lunch with the spouses' group with an Irish dancing demonstration by the daughter of one of our group and her dance students.
  • Manicure in preparation for the Joint Services Luncheon, an annual luncheon that rotates between the Air Force, Army, and Navy bases in the area.  The Air Force ladies really set the bar high - they did a beautiful job with the event.
  • An event sponsored by Bank of America about transitioning from the military to civilian life - I didn't learn anything I didn't already know but it was good for Vic to hear it all.
  • Deadline for the charity applications - now I have to prepare a report for the selection committee and get it sent off to them to review before our meeting to allocate the charity funds next week.

Crafts roundup:::
Downloaded another idea for the Christmas ornament swap for Christmas in July.  Still behind on Project Life; craft table still covered with charity applications.

And in other news:::
A few photos from the luncheon - the theme was Oh, the Places You'll Go (Dr. Seuss).

Table Decorations

Event Program and Luggage Tag takeaway

Scrapbooks from the spouses' club hosting the event

Centerpiece on the appetizer table

Room Decoration

Dessert Table - cupcakes decorated with the services' insignia
Coming up - six of these!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wishing you all top o' the morning on this fine day.  Don't drink too much green beer!

My favorite leprechaun

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

International Pi Day

Thanks to Laura over at The Horton Family, I see that today is Pi Day.  According to Pi Day, it's an annual celebration of the mathematical constant pi (3.14............).  Those of us not so mathematically inclined prefer to celebrate P I E!

I haven't baked a pie in years.  For some reason, I've gone off the pastry in pies.  I used to make mean apple and cherry pies all the time but not so much any more.  I searched my Pinterest for ideas that I'd pinned and came up with Shepherd's Pie, Turkey Pot Pie, Burrito Pie, and the closest I came to a pie with pie crust was this one below found here.

I pinned these too from alamodo on Etsy:

If I ever get around to making pies again, I'll know where to go for packaging to share the slices.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

If this is Tuesday, it must be England #90

There was quite the kerfuffle reported over at the BBC which resulted in a slew of posts.  Are you #JamFirst or #creamfirstandproud?  If you have no idea what I am talking about, take a look at these two photos:

In my opinion, they are not the most aesthetically-pleasing photos but they illustrate the point in question - cream first or jam first?  Devon stands firmly behind cream first, whereas Cornwall is in the jam first camp.  The problem arose when a Mother's Day (UK) ad for a National Trust site in Cornwall posted this photo:

See the problem?  That's not a Cornish Cream Tea, it's a Devon Cream Tea.  It's a bit like the Hatfields and the McCoys, these rivalries are taken THAT seriously.

A tempest in a tea cup, you might say, and definitely a first world problem, but the final result is...SCONEGATE!

By the way, according to the Cream Tea Society, and I quote "etiquette gurus Debrett's say you should spread your jam before dolloping cream on top."  And Debrett's really does have the final word.

Mark your calendars...National Cream Tea Day is Friday, June 29 this year.  Read all about it here.

Monday, March 12, 2018

TBBTalks: All About Skincare

I am really enjoying The Blended Blog's link-ups and I've met some great new bloggers through them.  Today we're talking all about skincare.

Almost a year ago, I went back to using Melaleuca's products.  I wanted products that were good for us, good for our household, and good for the environment.  All of my skincare comes from their Sei Bella range.  Melaleuca is a wellness membership company and you can view the products here, but you have to be a member to see the prices and purchase them.

Make-up Remover // Cleansing Facial Wipes
Cleanser // Hydrating Facial Cleanser for normal skin
Toner // Advanced Youth Revital Hydrating Toner
Moisturizer // Advanced Revital R3 Age-Defying Triple-Benefit Creme

Specialty Products:
Eyes // Multi-Benefit Eye Treatment because I'm one of those women of a certain age!
Mask // Complete Radiance Clay Facial Masque

It was strange at first to switch from picking up skincare products at Target, or browsing through Ulta or Sephora and trying to decide if I wanted to try out a new product.  There are so many to choose from, it's overwhelming at times.  What I love now is that I don't go to the stores to shop for skincare.  I order products for us each month and they come in the mail.  I've found what works, I don't spend time or money checking out new products, and I love how the Sei Bella range makes my skin feel.